Our offer is addressed to both companies and natural persons.

If you are planning:

  • a renovation,
  • renting or selling a property,
  • an abroad trip
and you have nothing to do with your belongings, our offer is just for you.
Corporate customers can also benefit from our services if:
  • they are looking for a place to store office documentation
  • they have a furniture surplus which they are not planning to sell,
  • hey own an office equipment which is currently not used

Such solutions for companies is our specialty..


What we have at our disposal and what we can offer.

Within providing services of storing we give our warehouse of 1000 m2 expanse to your disposal in which your belongings will be stored in special wooden boxes. Their firm construction allows high storing with the use of forklift trucks. Its stock controlling system enable to quickly find and make your belongings available as soon as the time of picking up your property comes. The items to be stored can be either transported on your own or you can take the advantage of our professional services. If your property requires to be secured for storage, our staff will be happy to provide such service before placing it in the boxes. If you decide to make use of our complex service, it would be possible to load your belongings into the boxes directly in the place of loading at the customer.

Your safety is our priority.

At the time of handing over, you will receive a copy of the property list which will be later the necessary proof to get the property back from the warehouse.
Such documentation will ensure that even after a few years you will have a guarantee that you will receive the belongings you have left in the quantities indicated on the list.
Such guarantee is given by the box which is closed on the day of loading and awaits in a pristine condition for the determined collection date.